Cornerstone Housing Ltd is a not-for-profit social housing company

Originally established as an incorporated association in 1996 trading as the Lutheran Community Housing Support Unit, Cornerstone Housing promotes the provision of housing for low-to middle-income earners, primarily for disadvantaged groups of people such as:

  • single parents and families
  • the elderly
  • people with an intellectual or physical disability
  • Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
  • students
  • refugees
  • victims of domestic violence.


Our main funding body is Renewal SA via the State Government with the titles to our community housing properties in the name of Cornerstone Housing Ltd.

Cornerstone Housing is regulated by the Office of Housing Regulation and the National Regulatory System (NRS).

The NRS seeks to:

  • provide consistent regulation that supports the growth and development of the community housing sector
  • provide the finance sector with the confidence to invest in community housing
  • reduce the regulatory burden for community housing organisations working across jurisdictions
  • provide a level playing field for providers seeking to enter new jurisdictions.


We also own a number of properties outright under the Affordable Housing initiative and are constantly looking for development opportunities to increase the housing stock in Adelaide.

Our vision is for all people to know Jesus and be integrated into the body of Christ through the vehicle of Christian-based housing.

Our mission through Christ is to deliver high-quality housing, services and support for people in need.