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Not to be used for Critical or Emergency repairs.


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Types of Maintenance

Critical Repairs

A critical repair is defined as a life threatening event. These events require the immediate attention of a specialised service or organisation trained to respond to the event. Critical water, gas or electrical problems are those that cannot be resolved by turning off the mains tap or switch, or it is unsafe to do so.

SA Power Networks 13 13 66
Gas Emergency Line 1800 808 526
SA Water 1300 883 121
State Emergency Service 13 25 00
MFS or CFS 000

Tenants outside the metropolitan area should check their local phone book for appropriate telephone numbers to call in the case of critical or life threatening circumstance.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are classified as situations that are dangerous to the health, safety or welfare of tenants, or threaten damage to Cornerstone Housing or neighbouring property.
Emergency issues can include:

Electrical Faults Fire Damage
Burst Water Pipes Gas Leaks
Storm Damage Forced Entry Damage
Blocked Sewer Leaking Hot Water Service
Broken Windows Broken Locks

If you have an Emergency Repair that needs attention, please call Cornerstone Housing on 0413 618 810