New bin compound in Salisbury Downs

After much organisation and collaboration, Matt from Housing Services organised a community event at Cornerstone’s units in Salisbury Downs. The day, which took place on 13 September 2018, focused on the new shared bin compound which replaces individual bins for residents.

Tenants now do not have to put bins out on bin day, as the rubbish truck driver will do the whole process for them.

There was great free coffee, a BBQ sausage sizzle, which was supported and cooked by the great people from the Salisbury Lutheran Church local support group, and presentations from several people.

Grace from Kesab, Penelope from Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) and Brad from Salisbury Council were also involved in making this project a reality. We’d like to thank them for their attendance on
the day and also the support of their organisations to achieve this excellent outcome.

One tenant mentioned it was good to hang out with other tenants, and that they’d sometimes see some people in the stairs or driveway, but they’d never invite them to their unit for dinner, ‘It’s good to have a thing like this so we can all meet each other and get to know each other’.