Everyone is also entitled to pursue his or her own lifestyle without interference. However, please remember to be considerate of your neighbours when playing musical instruments, using stereo equipment, television or radio and when your guests depart at late hours.  You must also make sure that you and the people who live with you, and any visitors you may have do not interfere with the peace, comfort and privacy of others.

Rights of Others

If you interfere with the rights of other people in the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, you breach the conditions of your tenancy, and this could result in your eviction. (Under the Residential Tenancies Act neighbours can apply to have tenants evicted)

Infringements of your Peace, Comfort and Privacy

If you feel your peace, comfort or privacy is being infringed, or you become involved in a dispute with your neighbour, you may obtain the assistance of a Cornerstone Housing Officer – don’t allow matters to get out of hand.

Dealing with Neighbourhood Problems

Often these problems are small, and can be fixed by talking to the other person. If you want help, the Community Mediation Service, or, where available, your Local Support Group can be of assistance.

If your neighbours cause persistent and continuing problems with loud unruly behaviour, domestic disputes or noisy parties, you should contact the Police.

If you cannot obtain the help you need you can seek help from Cornerstone Housing. You may have to put your complaint in writing.