Community housing is one of a number of affordable housing options in South Australia and was introduced in Australia in the early 1970s with some of the first housing occurring in the Bowden and Brompton areas.

Some benefits of community housing include:

  • long-term secure housing for a variety of people in need
  • empowerment of tenants and development of a community focus
  • drawing in the support of agencies that already provide for those in need and are already assisting in addressing these needs
  • cost-effective housing support
  • friendship and assistance within a community environment
  • skill development, often leading to reduced reliance on government benefits
  • opportunities to contribute to the community.

To read more about community housing in South Australia, click here.

Cornerstone Housing is responsible for assessing and selecting tenants for housing under the Renewal SA 2016 Master Agreement and the Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Act 2013. The target group of tenancy with Cornerstone Housing is that registrants should be from disadvantaged groups such as:

  • single parents and families
  • the elderly
  • people with an intellectual or physical disability
  • Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
  • students
  • refugees
  • victims of domestic violence.

The registrants should be linked to support groups and agencies and be in need of accommodation (homeless, at risk of homelessness or inadequately housed).

To be eligible for any community housing in South Australia, you must meet the three basic eligibility requirements:

  • be a current resident of South Australia
  • not be a homeowner
  • be in receipt of an independent income.

For more information regarding further community housing eligibility, please refer to the Community Housing Eligibility Policy.

If you are already registered for community housing with another organisation, you do not need to apply through Cornerstone Housing.

To register your interest in community housing, please visit Housing Connect. For help regarding applying online, click here.

Please note:
Although Cornerstone Housing is a registered community housing company, we may not have housing in the area you require. For a full list of community housing organisations, please click here.