Informal Dispute Resolution and Grievance Process

Cornerstone Housing has an informal Dispute Resolution and Grievance Process. It is the aim of Cornerstone Housing to have all disputes and grievances dealt with promptly and preferably between the parties concerned. Parties in a dispute may request the assistance of an independent facilitator, mediator or conciliator. If a recommendation is made to resolve the problem and this is not acceptable to any or all aggrieved parties, the parties may refer the matter to the Cornerstone Housing Appeal Committee.


Should any tenant wish to appeal against a Cornerstone Housing decision, they can.

Who Can Appeal?

Any tenant (except NRAS and Private Rental) of Cornerstone Housing can appeal:

  • A decision relating to a dispute with another Cornerstone Housing tenant;
  • A decision relating to a dispute between a tenant and Cornerstone Housing;
  • A decision of Cornerstone Housing that the tenant believes is unreasonable, oppressive or unjust.

This may include the process used to make the decision and whether the decision is consistent with Cornerstone Housing policy.

Only the person who is directly impacted by the original decision may initiate appeal proceedings (with support if necessary).
Cornerstone Housing recommends that an appeal application should only be lodged after there has been a genuine attempt to resolve the issue through mediation or conciliation.

If you would like to lodge an appeal, please click ‘Open Application for Appeal’ below, or call 8165 5300.