Appeals Policy Excerpt

Cornerstone tenants have a right to appeal a decision made by Cornerstone, and Appellants will not be disadvantaged by lodging an appeal. Cornerstone will act in a transparent and objective manner in the receiving, investigation, and response to an appeal

Cornerstone will consider decisions and the processes used to make those decision, relating to:

  • Whether a decision is consistent with Cornerstone Policy
  • Tenancy matters
  • Home purchase
  • Disputes between neighbours


Cornerstone will not consider:

  • Matters concerning an eviction made as part of a Court or SACAT order
  • Tenant debts
  • Government policy
  • Decisions relating to tenant rent arrears


Only the person who is directly impacted by the original decision may appeal

An application of appeal should only be lodged after there has been a genuine attempt to resolve the issue through mediation or conciliation, and all applications must be made within 30 days of the incident, decision, or action. An appeal can be withdrawn at any time in writing.

Full Appeals Policy